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Systems Thinking & Dynamic Business Modelling Systems Thinking & Dynamic Business Modelling
This three day introductory level training in system dynamics modelling and systems thinking, includes hands-on experience of building a working computer model to simulate the behaviour of a system over time. As part of the workshop delegates will participate in a Microworld to experience both the systemic nature of business issues and the power of system dynamic modelling. Participants will also be introduced to a dynamic view of strategy in keeping with the ideas developed by Dr Kim Warren of London Business School.  

Price:  £1,100.00(Excluding: VAT at 17.5%)

Beyond Introductory SD Modelling Beyond Introductory SD Modelling
This two day course aims to teach technical modelling issues to enable the production of more insightful and sophisticated models. Arrays and interconnectivity with other commonly used computer applications are covered. A key objective is to build confidence in people in their early phase of SD modelling.  

Price:  £750.00(Excluding: VAT at 17.5%)

Effective Organizational Analysis and Intervention using System Dynamics Effective Organizational Analysis and Intervention using System Dynamics
This two day course is aimed at people with good skills and some experience in using system dynamics and who wish to maximise the effectiveness of their use in interventions and analysis within their own firms or in a consulting role. System Dynamics offers a powerful array of approaches for understanding and analysing the implications of structural and dynamic complexity. At one end the tools are relatively simple involving the mapping of business relationships with structural diagrams and using diagnostic techniques to extrapolate behaviour, identify critical lever points, and spot possible counter-intuitive outcomes. At the other, can be large sophisticated models maybe linked with corporate databases and other applications. However, powerful though these tools are, they cannot of themselves provide solutions and insights. They must be used as part of an intervention process that is purposeful and well-managed. This course looks at the issues raised at various stages and levels of a system dynamics intervention.  

Price:  £800.00(Excluding: VAT at 17.5%)

Online Catalogue > Training