The Process of Managing Change

by Tony Gill

At Phrontis we take a systems thinking view - sometimes referred to as "joined-up-thinking" - on managing change in organizations. In applying this way of thinking we seek synergies between strategy and systems thinking in order to understand the organization in its sector and its environment.

In working with organizations, we facilitate their journey of managing change by helping them to:

  • understand their current situation - where are we?
  • understand their specific drivers of change - how did we get here?
  • determine where they would like to be - where are we going?
  • determine how to get there - what strategies should we employ?
  • manage the process of change management - programme / project management supported by appropriate Microsoft technologies, typically Microsoft Enterprise Project Management for larger organizations
  • determine the adequacy of existing business, organizational and corporate governance processes - is what we are doing now undermining the change agenda?
  • align business, organizational and corporate governace processes to reflect the change agenda as required and the use of appropriate Microsoft technologies to support Business Process Management and measurement
  • establish a relevant performance metric framework - Balanced Scorecard for strategy; Performance Dashboard for managing operations; the use of supporting technologies such as the Microsoft Scorecard Accelerator.
  • reflect on progress - is all this working for us? - using a combination of appropriate technologies and meetings
  • take action based on the reflection of the trends of the performance measures - doing what is needed to stay on course.

We have put a lot of thought into our approach which is well grounded in both theory and practice. As Lenin once said: "Theory without practice is pointless; practice without theory is mindless."

We invite you to contact us to discuss where and how we may be able to assist you in managing change in your organization. Perhaps you may be interested in our One Day Managing Change Audit?



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