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As a company Phrontis has been keenly following developments of the Balanced Scorecard created by Robert Kaplan and David Norton since the early 1990s. The early adopters of this management system had no software tools to rely on for their needs. In these early days many organizations started using Microsoft Excel* with a Visual Basic* frontend and Microsoft PowerPoint* to jump start their Balanced Scorecard programmes.

The Balanced Scorecard presented many visionaries with an opportunity not to be lost in terms of being first to market for generic software for Balanced Scorecard applications. Naturally where there is money to be made others will follow. Others to follow had their origins in Executive Information Systems (EIS) which gained favour during the 1980s and re-emerged as Corporate Performance Management systems. Another group has evolved into Business Intelligence systems from the earlier analytical tools of spreadsheets and databases.

Technological advances in software development and communication infrastructures as well as changing organizational forms, eg, caused by networked organizations and outsourcing, will cause considerable change in the Balanced Scorecard software market. At a conference it was claimed that there are well over 100 Balanced Scorecard software packages available. The Balanced Scorecard Collaborative established by Kaplan and Norton have certified some 20 software vendors as meeting their requirements for adequate software to support the Balanced Scorecard. Consolidation in this software market has already started; some companies have been taken over; others have gone out of business.

In the past year the Microsoft Balanced Scorecard Framework has emerged and is now certified by the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative. It relies on its current portfolio of products and technologies such as *Microsoft Office 2003, SQL Server 2000/2005, Windows Portal* etc. With the vast resources that Microsoft has at its disposal for continued product development, Phrontis is choosing to work with the Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 and support clients wishing to deploy it.

Our role in this process is to:

  1. guide you through the Balanced Scorecard system for management adoption process.
  2. train your organization in the principles of the balanced scorecard
  3. facilitate managers and information workers in developing a strategy map which leads to your scorecard.
  4. facilitate the development of an appropriate set of performance measures for your scorecard.
  5. guide you in the Microsoft software and components that you will need.
  6. help to install and configure the software as required.
  7. setup the required databases and infrastructural support.
  8. help in the training of users of the system.
  9. support you as you “go live”.

* all trade names or trade marks of Microsoft Corporation.


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